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NCAA Rules Interps
  • 9/14/2015

    This interpretation was originally issued October 1, 2014.


    Rule 11.2 When Offside, states:

    A player shall be declared offside and penalized only if, at the time the ball touches or is played by a teammate, the player is involved in active play and interferes with play or with an opponent, or seeks to gain anMore...

  • 11/12/2014

    Players, coaches and referees are not permitted to use cameras or other recording devices worn on the head or uniform during NCAA soccer games.

    The NCAA Soccer Rules Committee will consider whether or not to permit the use of such devices at the next committee meeting in January 2015, and if they are determined to be permissible, what restrictions will be imposedMore...

  • 9/19/2014



    The NCAA Soccer Rules Committee has ruled that drones may not be used to monitor or record intercollegiate soccer games, as they are not considered to be the type of "electronic device" contemplated by Rule 12.14.2, which permits enhanced communication between members of the on-site coaching staff.

    The rationale is as follows:

    (1) There are multiple safety concerns for student-athletes and spectators;
    (2) There are currently no established safety guidelines and protocols for the manner of use;
    (3) There are currently no established training programs for equipment operators; and
    (4) There are concerns regarding competitive disadvantage issues.

    The Soccer Rules Committee will continue to monitor this issue in accordance with the policy of reviewing technological advances.

    You will note that the NCAA soccer rules do not govern practice sessions. However, the committee recommends that institutions familiarize themselves with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Rules and Regulations governing the use of Unmanned Aviation Systems (UAS) and adopt the policy of not using drones during practice sessions.

  • 9/8/2011

    The 2010 and 2011 NCAA Soccer Rules and Interpretations book addresses the issue of restarts in Rules 2 and 9, specifically Rules 2.3; 9.3.2 and A.R.9.3.2.a.  Rule 9.3.2. is clear, and has been applied consistently – with the goalkeeper’s team restarting play with an IFK, when the goalkeeper has possession and play is suspended because he/she has beenMore...

  • 10/8/2010

    Coaching During Injury

    Situation: A player is injured on the field and the referee calls the coach on the field. The coach begins coaching the other players while dealing with the injury. This is a violation of rule 12.14.1. Athletic trainers and coaches may enter the field only if instructed to do so by the referee; however, it is not permissible to provide coaching instruction to any player(s) while attending an injured player(s). The penalty is a caution or ejection. Do not allow this to occur during our games.

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