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Red Card Form

Red Card Form

Sunday, September 9, 2018
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NCAA Red Card Form (click here to access the red card form)

User name:
Password:  nc@@referee

If you have any issues with the form that you cannot resolve by following the steps below, please contact Barb Hallam at

Issues Accessing the NCAA Red Card Form: 

The form works best in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Users should check with their IT departments for permission to make this change to their browsers.  The steps are as follows:

1. Please verify you're using Internet Exporer 32, not 64.

2. Go to Tools > About Internet Explorer.

3. To the right of "Update Version Numbers" if you see nothing then Internet Explorer is 32 bit. If you see 64, then Internet Explorer is 64 and will need to be opened in a 32 bit version.

4. Go to Tools > Internet Options.

5. Go to "Security" tab.

6. Click on Trusted Sites then click Sites.

7. Ensure the check box "Require server verifications (https) for all sites in this zone" is unchecked.

8. Add this website to the zone by typing *

9. Click the "Add" button.

10. Click "Close" then "OK".

11. Close Internet Explorer.

12. Open  Internet Explorer.

13. Attempt to login for access to the Soccer Red Card Form.


Internet Explorer 11 only

1. Go to "Tools" then "Compatibility View Settings".

2. In "Add this website:" type then click "Add" and "Close".



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